With my varied background in accessibility, UI/UX, content generation, marketing strategy, SEO, and education, I am able to plan and execute my web development projects from multiple perspectives.

I enjoy working with both mom-and-pop shops and corporate teams to deliver quality products that meet the client’s and users’ needs in our ever-changing virtual world.

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Front-End Development

Bringing code to life from a collaborative project that started with one simple idea never gets old. Endless hours of tweaking HTML and CSS to make a website just right can be a painstaking process, yet seeing a finished project at its best is always rewarding.

WordPress Development

WordPress is one of the most versatile web platforms used today for both small and large businesses. I have crafted many custom sites and built themes from scratch for clients who need a CMS that’s easy to use and update.

Responsive Design

It’s no secret that websites need to be responsive. No one wants to lose potential customers because their site isn’t mobile-friendly. Each project I develop is built with mobile as a top priority. I build sites and apps using Twitter Bootstrap or Zurb Foundation for the best user experience.

Content Creation

Crafting the perfect message is key to drawing readers in and getting them to stick around a while. Don’t settle for drab, generic content. Let me help you deliver compelling copy that will leave your visitors begging for more!


Making the web accessible to all users is essential. According to the CDC, 1 in 5 people in the United States have a disability. Integrating accessibility practices is a must for every project. A bit of up-front planning can go a long way for all users!

Marketing Strategy

Hitting the bull’s eye with your marketing strategy has never been more critical than in the vast online world in which we live. I use my experience in marketing and branding to better plan for a project’s User Experience to drive user engagement and increase ROI .